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2021-11-12 07:50:55 By : Ms. Sunny Huang

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I often think, if you want to get to know someone better, let them cook for you. From the food they choose to how they set up their tables, you will gain insight into who they are and where they come from. Welcome to the party, independent entertainment guide. 

Throughout the season, we will tell stories of how people in Santa Barbara County gather, share meals, prepare food and celebrate traditions. Whether it’s a dinner in an adobe house in the city center, a meal in the neighborhood of Mesa, a picnic in Alameda Park, or a dinner at a farm in Los Olivos, hosts from all over the county will share their favorite recipes and decoration ideas And any hints that they may have to let entertainment reduce the pressure.

Gatherings will not only provide you with new entertainment ideas and introduce you to the amazing Santa Barbara craftsmen and resources, but we hope it will also inspire you to create similar gatherings and allow us to come together to better understand our community .

If you are planning an upcoming gathering and you want to share or learn about neighbourhood celebrations, please send an email to

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Sally Terrell is an artist, and I can always count on a new creative project in her home studio. Whether it is making jewelry, creating combination art, designing the interior decoration of a friend's house, or collecting eclectic folk art, Sally's color and design sense are always looking for ways to shine. 

I like to walk into Sally's hidden adobe house in the city center because it is full of interesting things she brought home from her travels. Colorful frames, metal sculptures, large and small paintings and whimsical wooden figures cover her walls. Everything has a story. In every corner of Sally's house, you can learn about different places and cultures. Have you seen the Voodoo flag in Haiti? They are everywhere in Sally's house. How about Honduras Lenca ceramics? Sally also collects them. 

Everyone in her extensive circle of friends feels lucky to be able to share a meal at her large rustic table. So my husband and I did not hesitate to agree to her invitation to the harvest celebration dinner. 

Preparing this dinner means going to the Saturday Farmers Market, where Sally has her favorite suppliers, such as Jeronimo from Casitas Valley Pastures. He runs a small farm, where he raises chickens in the old fashioned way: cage-free, cruelty-free, pasture-raised, non-GMO, no antibiotics, free range and sustainable farming practices. (See "This is important to me," Sally said, "but equally important is that they taste incredible. Juicy and juicy." Jeronimo shared with her not long ago He wrote his roast chicken recipe, which has become one of her dinners. "It only requires lemon, salt and fresh herbs, which is simple and delicious," she said. 

As she walked around, stall after stall, her basket was quickly filled with sweet carrots, cooked pumpkin, yellow onions, a bunch of fresh herbs, arugula, a bag of Meyer lemons, and a piece of goat Cheese, figs and fresh pecans, plus a bouquet of autumn chrysanthemums, bright orange marigolds and straw flowers. 

Following her, I remembered that the Santa Barbara Farmers’ Market is one of the city’s greatest business cards. Or, as a friend said during the visit, “Of course Santa Barbara has a beautiful market-even vegetables can be photographed.” (See

The last stop at the Roan Mills booth was sour wheat baguettes ( We walked back to her house to set the table and prepare dinner. Sally's menu includes Jeronimo's roast chicken, her own carrot soup recipe and two recipes—fig arugula salad and deli pumpkin dishes—from one of my favorite food blogs, For dessert, Sandra Adu Zelli, the talented baker behind Gipsy Hill Bakery (, has ordered an apple pie and a pumpkin pie.

The table became a gleaming colorful harvest stall. Sally's suggestion? "Choose a color theme, and then look for items in the house that complement these colors. Flowers, plants, candles, food, fabrics, ceramics, wooden balls...anything that suits your color."

Everyone is satisfied with the final result. The candlelit table is beautiful and the food is delicious, but most importantly, we are all happy to laugh and share stories around the table again! 

If you know of an upcoming party and want to share, please let us know at

You can download our November party recipe below.

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