Spot-Removing Essence Happy Whitening Spot-Removing Essence

With certificates of FDA,ISO,SGS,CE,Test Report and MSDS,100% pure natural serum to whitening fade speckle powerfully. without chemical additives.  Product Name Happy+ Anti-Melanis Element SerumSpecifica

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With certificates of FDA,ISO,SGS,CE,Test Report and MSDS,
100% pure natural serum to whitening fade speckle powerfully. 
without chemical additives. 

Product Name Happy+ Anti-Melanis Element Serum
MOQ300pcs(or we can consult it)
Price3usd/pcs based on the MOQ 
OEM/ODM ProvideYes
Brand LogoHappy+(or as your request)
Payment TermsT/T,Western Union,Paypal,Bank of China,Money Gram
Advantage&GuaranteeClinically Proven Effectiveness
Completely Natural Formulation
Unique amino acid formula
Synthetic Fragrance Free
Dermatologist Tested & Approved
Passed - Consumer Skin Sensitization Patch Study

Shelf Life
3 Years
IndustrySkin care product, Bio product, Cosmetic

AME Extract: Penetrates easily to inhibit tyrosinase activity and control melanin production. Helps reduce freckles, chloasma and age pigment. Leaves skin white, hydrated and elastic.

Ingredients: Anti-Melanis Element, vitamin, elastin, amino acid moisturizing factor.

Suitable skin: Suitable to all type of skin.

Suits the object: Suitable for shading, fleck, sunburn, chloasma skin.

Usage method:

After cleaning skin in the morning and evening, apply some essence liquid gently spread on your face (apply to whole face), then pat and massage until it is absorbed. When using several kinds of liquid, waiting one completely absorb and then use another one.

Specification: 10ml

Storage: Seal, shading, store in cool dry place. This product contains active ingredients. After opening as soon as possible after use or fridge save.

1.What's the effect of your eyelash growth serum?
Eyelash growth serum use newest biological technique and safe effective ingredient, can make eyelash growth obviously and rapidly, longer thicker and darker your eyelashes, let you feel confidence!
2.What people can use this eyelash growth serum?
Suitable for rare of eyelash, short eyelash, eyelash off people
3.What's the effective ingredient list?
biology enzyme 'EPM", 10-amino acids, distilled water, hair growth follicle growth factor
4.How many days can I see my eyelash grow?
It depend on different people, as different people may have different metabolism, usually 7-15 days can see the effect, the using period is 3 months, every period is 28 days.
5.How many times do I need to use a day?
Usually twice or three times a day. If you can see effect soon, you can also just keep using 1 time 1 day.
6.When can I stop using the eyelash growth serum?
After you see your eyelash reach the lengthen which you want, you can stop using it. If you want it to grow more, please keep using it again for a period of time.
7.Does this eyelash growth serum has side effect? Any certificates to prove it safe and effective?
It is no side effect, very natural and effective, please don't worry. We are cosmetics factory and also have MSDS formula test report, also we passed the global sales certificate, so you will be no problem for global sales.

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