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Most home cooks are facing the problem of replacing casseroles at some point. Standing in front of the many choices in stores (and even more online), how do you know which is the best? CorningWare and Pyrex are both manufactured by the same company and are the two leaders in baking appliances, but if you have limited space or budget, it is difficult to choose between the two. When choosing casseroles, CorningWare is the first choice because of its flexibility, versatility and safety.

CorningWare was a mistake at first. While cooking the casserole, the stove broke down and reached a temperature that should have been catastrophic. Instead, the glass bloomed milky white. A laboratory technician dropped a burnt fragment on the way to the trash can, but the plate did not break, but bounced. These two "accidents" led to what we call Corning Kitchenware today: shatterproof cookware that can be moved from the freezer to the oven.

The first CorningWare appeared in 1957. Today, CorningWare casseroles are made from ceramic stoneware. This stoneware has changed over time, but still retains the quality of the original shatter-resistant ceramic accidentally created in the laboratory.

It is estimated that a single piece of CorningWare with a lid will cost US$20-50. Sets can range from $30 for a pair of round Corning pot casseroles with plastic lids to about $200 for a full set of 10 pieces.

CorningWare is a durable ceramic bakeware brand. Each piece of CorningWare is non-reactive and does not change the taste of food like a metal bakeware. It is easy to clean and can be used for many years. Some original Cornflower Blue CorningWare can still be purchased online.

Although CorningWare is very sturdy and easy to clean, its biggest advantage is its versatility. Some CorningWare ceramic casseroles can be placed directly on the stove from the freezer.

CorningWare can withstand the high temperatures of broilers, and you can even use it directly on the stove. No matter how severe the temperature fluctuation is, there will be no thermal shock when the temperature changes suddenly, and there will be no cracks or breakage.

Newer versions of CorningWare usually have lids that are not safe for use under broilers. These lids can crack or break at high temperatures and should not be used, even though the CorningWare casserole itself can withstand high temperatures.

If your Corningware is old-fashioned, it is not safe to use it at a temperature higher than 425 degrees.

CorningWare French White Casserole: Amazon has 7 sets, Kohl has 10 sets, Bed, Bath & Beyond are in stock

The classic French white CorningWare combines form and function with clean lines that match a variety of tableware. Replace one or buy a complete set. Amazon and Kohl's sets are equipped with glass and plastic lids that can be quickly moved from the stove to the refrigerator.

Ironically, Pyrex was developed at Corning, New York in the early 1900s. Corning Glass Works produces glass for railway lanterns, but when an engineer's wife bake a cake in an old battery box, the Pyrex brand product was born.

Today, Pyrex cookware includes everything from their iconic glass measuring cups to pie pans and glass storage (round and rectangular are the most popular). Pyrex also sells glass mixing bowls.

The price of Pyrex casseroles with or without lid is expected to be between US$12-25.

In terms of the penetration of chemicals into food, glass storage containers are the safest. Pyrex storage containers and measuring cups are lead-free, and the lids of their storage containers are BPA-free.

The heat-resistant glass casserole also does not respond to food. Acidic foods such as tomatoes will not change color or lose their flavor when cooked or stored in a heat-resistant glass casserole.

Another important feature of Pyrex casseroles is that they are dishwasher safe and very durable. Tempered glass can be reused for many years, and it can be heavy-duty scrubbing.

The main (and most dangerous) disadvantage of Pyrex casseroles is that they are very sensitive to sudden temperature changes. If you take the hot pie from the oven and place it on a cold countertop, you are likely to have a pie explosion. The cold counter is too shocking for rapid changes.

As we all know, glass is also a poor heat conductor, so you may find that large casseroles and pies cook unevenly. Quick-cooking pies and smaller casseroles are the best choices for Pyrex casseroles and bakeware.

Pyrex Easy Grab Glass Casserole Dish with Glass Lid (2 quarts): Available on Amazon and Bed, Bath & Beyond

We love the ability to bake and store in a casserole, and it provides an opportunity to highlight a beautiful layered casserole. The lid is also easy to put upside down on the plate.

If you can only choose one casserole dish, we recommend that you choose CorningWare. In addition to clean lines and excellent performance, we found that the safety of ceramic bakeware is very important, especially in families with children or pets.

Both are durable and highlight your cooking skills, but only CorningWare casseroles can safely withstand drastic temperature changes. This means that when you fiddle with multiple dishes between the oven and the stove, if you accidentally place a hot CorningWare casserole on a cold granite countertop, you will not risk everything or injury.

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