Best Indoor Flower Pots for Indoor Plants-Indoor Flower Pots

2021-11-12 08:03:28 By : Ms. Tracy Lee

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Bring these must-have styles to the outdoors.

Indoor flower pots are perfect for displaying flowers and plants at home. From traditional terracotta flower pots inspired by Spanish style to more modern designs, there are many suitable for various interior designs.

Indoor flower pots come in various sizes, colors and textures. Don't know where to start? Clay pots are a good choice because they are unlikely to tip over. Ceramic pots are great for growing cacti, succulents and orchids because they are porous (meaning they allow air and water to flow through the sides of the pot).

Another option is plastic flower pots. These are very suitable for plants that like to keep the soil evenly moist, and they are also easier to move around at home, are inexpensive and wear-resistant.

Many decorative indoor flower pots help beautify our interior decoration, but we must be careful when choosing a flower pot without drainage holes. If you choose a pot without holes, make sure to place the plant in a smaller pot with drainage holes, and then place it in a decorative pot cover. This is essential to ensure that your plants bloom and grow.

If you are looking for flower pot holders and pots on legs, please buy our roundup here, or if you want to use vertical space instead of floor space, please buy our hanging flower pot guide here.

Whether you are looking for small indoor plants or large indoor flower pots, we have collected a series of indoor flower pots to provide you with stylish and practical choices for your indoor plants, cacti, succulents and herbs. Check out some of our favorites below...

Want to make a real style statement? This mint green bubble flower pot will perfectly match the lush green leaves of houseplants.

This magnificent, exquisite indoor glass flowerpot with a saucer—inspired by a flowerpot made at the Royal Castle in Fredensborg in 1860—will look great on a bookshelf or sideboard. 

Transfer your plants to this eye-catching stoneware pot from Oliver Bonas. Designed in a textured tile style, it is perfect for adding color to kitchen corners.

Super stylish, this popular woven rattan flower pot will beautify any space. 

This gorgeous gray and gold foil oversized flower pot adds some texture to your living space. If you want to make a statement, this is the ideal choice. 

Use H&M's small blue ceramic flower pots to create a unique style in your home. Only 9.99 pounds, why not choose white and gray? 

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Add a decorative touch to your home with MADE's gorgeous mint green flower pots. Each set of two pieces is available in glazed and unglazed versions, so you can truly create a stunning look. 

After weaving flower pots for your indoor space? Garden Trading's affordable striped style will help keep nature and bring the outdoors into the interior. Very suitable for the corner of your living room.  

We like this pink and blue flower pot, it has small raised legs and faded gradient design. 

This terracotta flowerpot is made of ceramics, carefully hand-made, and has a unique appearance. Very suitable for indoor and outdoor use. 

Use these two flower pots to illuminate an empty window sill. They are made of cement and are perfect for displaying all the bright flowers and earthy succulents. 

Growing herbs in your kitchen? These flower pots are impregnated and glazed to form a unique pattern. Very suitable for window sills. 

This miniature flower pot can add fun to your study space or desk. It has a unique ceramic pattern and looks like an artichoke. How unique! 

Brighten up your indoor space with this delightful flower pot. Made in Portugal, it has been fully glazed for high gloss. It is also available in yellow. 

Looking for a simple flower pot? This product from Amara meets all requirements. It uses a unique cylindrical shape, which is very suitable for large plants. 

This flowerpot is a true showcase. Coated with active glaze, it will add a touch of luxury and charm to the home. 

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This beautiful cement indoor flowerpot with daisy print can be purchased separately, or you can choose up to three puppy pots-sausage dog, French bulldog and pug-for a quirky and personalized touch.

This speckled terrazzo pot is so beautiful! At 52 pounds, it may be more expensive than others, but its design will stand the test of time. Use this to show off your favorite leaves. 

Whether you are looking for miniature pots or larger pots, these speckled styles are available in various sizes. 

This flowerpot is soft pink and is perfect for displaying smaller cacti and succulents. 

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This beautiful indoor flowerpot is made of waterproof ceramic, which is perfect for placing anywhere in the home. It feels simple, but the embossed leaf print adds an element of personality.

Whether you are looking for a unique gift for your friends or want to prepare a delicate flower pot for your kitchen window sill, this cute hand-painted style from Etsy can meet all your needs. Choose white or soft gray. 

Happy as spring, this leaf flower pot from Dunelm is definitely a good way to boost your mood. Why not buy one yourself and give one to a friend? 

This economical flower pot has the words "grow wild" printed on the front, which is perfect for indoor plants.

Use Argos Home's simple glazed green flowerpots to bring the outdoors into the outdoors, decorated with a jumping hare on the edge of the flowerpot. If you are looking for an affordable purchase, this is perfect. 

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