Art Nouveau Alliance Exhibition, Earth and Steel, focusing on the art of wounded soldiers-Zebra

2021-11-22 05:40:13 By : Ms. Cici Liu

Alexandria, Virginia-The Art League proudly presents Earth & Steel, a special exhibition of ceramics and knifemakers created by senior artists in the IMPart program. From now until December 5th.

IMPart represents the art of wounded military personnel. For this exhibition, Art Alliance Gallery invited participants of IMPart to share the boats and blades they made in the plan. On display and purchased are 16 works by six artists, including unique ceramic bowls; hand-forged knives, unique wood grain handles; and a beautiful wood and tile chessboard with exquisitely carved ceramic pieces.

IMPart, now in its tenth year, connects recently injured soldiers with visual art experiences designed to enrich the individual, relaxed social participation, improvement and redevelopment of fine motor skills, and expressive catharsis. Every Wednesday, these veterans are welcomed at our Madison affiliate facility and provide personalized guidance and creative attention. These experiences have a positive and profound impact on the individual.

Art Union Gallery in Studio 21

(Located in the Torpedo Factory Art Center)

Exhibitions and events are free and open to the public.

Paint shortages across the country affected some Alexandria streets near Seminary Road

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