Make This Berry Cute Blackberry Mug Cake in Just 2 Minutes (gluten-free)

2022-09-10 05:26:22 By : Mr. Elon Lee

Are you looking for the perfect last-minute dessert that will still absolutely WOW your guests? Or, do you want something quick and easy to make when your sweet cravings hit late in the night? Maybe you want to stay healthy and prefer vegan, gluten and dairy-free options? Well, you have found it all here in this delightful berry dessert! It is moist, gooey, super aromatic, and takes just 2 minutes to make. Yum! Make this blackberry mug cake full of antioxidants for your special someone, unexpected guests, or yourself! Everyone will absolutely love this simple yet unique berry dessert! So, let’s see how you can make it:

Time to make the most delicious blackberry mug cake ever

We made this delightful berry cake one afternoon in the studio, and we loved how simple yet unique this dessert was. So, we decided to share this berry cute recipe with you. It is the perfect dessert recipe for when you have unexpected guests over, or you just don’t want to spend too much time in the kitchen. What’s more, you can make this healthy berry cake as a late-night dessert that will take your sweet cravings. It is moist, gooey, full of flavor, and most importantly gluten-free! What more do you need from a 2-minute, delicious berry dessert? Watch the video below, and leave a comment if you like this blackberry mug cake as much as we did. 🙂

This berry mug cake dessert is vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free

The most delicious berry mug cake is here

In just 2 minutes, you will have this warm blackberry mug cake in front of you

Gather your ingredients and let’s make something berry cute 

Voilà! Enjoy it while it is still warm.

The perfect last-minute dessert that also looks fancy and unique

Step 1: First, start by adding your gluten-free flour of choice to a big bowl

Step 2: Then follow with the cane sugar

Step 3: And the baking powder

Step 4: And finally, the freeze-dried bilberry powder

Step 5: Mix well with a whisk or a spatula, pour in the coconut milk and the sunflower oil and mix again

Step 6: After that, pour the smooth cake mixture into a ceramic baking dish of your choice

Step 7: Wash the blackberries, and add them to the top of the cake. Press them into the cake, so they don’t burn

Step 8: Then microwave (or bake the dish) for around 2 minutes. Check on it often so it doesn’t overcook

Step 9: After that, dust some of the freeze-dried blueberry powder on top of the mug cake

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And, now, enjoy this delightful blackberry mug cake!